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 the Taggerty Doll Clinic

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Photo Gallery

TDC Patients TDC Patients Willie Talk not happy 101169357 Willie Talk happy again ! 125937997 101169358 Crash Victom 101169359 Compo Cupie with Cr-acne 125938391 Trouble Batting Her Eyes 156435733 Batter Up! 172318115 Splitting Head Ache 156435735 156435736 Saucy's not as dumb as she looks 156435737 Voice Box or Bomb? 156435738 156435731 156435739 Bad Kidneys Get it? Kid Knees? I crack myself up sometimes. 156435740 156435741 Ink Stains & Eye Trouble Owner was told by several people that nothing can be done. 172318118 What a Baby Face I had her out the door and on her way home the next day 172318114 an Ebay Plunder 172318116 to Ebay Wonder 172318117 Professional Cleaning 172318119 Missing Pieces from S&H1079 172318121 Repaired Head You can still see the repair in this picture but after a little more airbrushing it will be hard to detect. 172318120 K*R126 Flirty/Sleeper Frozen Eyes 172318122 Major Eye Surgery Glue from the pate dripped all over the eye works, eyes and lids seizing everything up. 172318124 K*R 126 Ready to go home 172318123 Mattels TimeyTell Couldnt Tell Time As with all Mattel talking dolls I had to remove the rubber goo that use to be an O-ring. That hardest part of this repair is getting the dial on her watch in sync with the record so that she tells the time correctly. 172318125 Getting the Right Angle It's far easier to get a Boomer Doll sleep eyes set set correctly while it's outside the head. 172318126 Bisque Doll X-Rays Doll X-Rays show hairline cracks so sevear that excessive damage could result in trying to perform another repair. Pencil marks on the head show where the cracks are located 172318127 Missing a Tooth? 172318129 Doll Doctors can be Dentists too 172318130 Showing her Pearly Whites Again 172318128 No more rooting hair by hand Capable of rooting 40 hair plugs a second, this industrial machine could put hair on 3 doll heads a minute. NOT that RE-rooting can be done that fast... it takes time to line up the needle with the existing holes. 201187048